Sango area in Montgomery County Tennessee is still one of the fastest growing communities in the city of Clarksville. It is conveniently located near Exit 11 and off I-24 with easy access to the interstate and people living in the area find its location is easy to get to Nashville and surrounding towns close to I-24. Also located close to Sango is Ashland City which has a growing community as well.  The Sango area was mostly farm land and is now becoming very desirable to live in. There are good schools and a lot of shopping areas for groceries close by. There are new housing developments and subdivisions going up and lots of new construction. Sango is also home to a nice golf course, Eastland Green. There are a few local vendors that have set up their branch offices in that area. Considering how fast it’s growing , it’s no surprise to see the community involved in a lot of activities and local events. The growth has bought a lot of military families to the area and people from all around the country.

Rotary Park is also located in the Sango area off Rotary Park Drive and is a 100 acre nature park that has a lot of residents using its biking/hiking trails and playground area.  There is a skating rink and lots of entertainment for the youth.  Sango is growing very fast as a region and is a preferred location for many families and Clarksville residents.

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